Graphics & Photo
MoA Studio
We tailor ideas. We customize the perfect suit for the campaigns and creativity of our clients. With this thought in our heads it’s how in July 4th2012, MoA was founded. A studio that covers video, photography, illustration & graphic arts.

After almost three years, we have specialized in multi platform projects. Music videos, spots, branded series, web contents, TV programs, figments or graphics among others. We continue growing and tailoring suits for our client’s ideas, such as: Mercedes-Benz, Tous, Loewe, Santillana, Kiwi, Phillips, Ebay, B&H, TVE or ABC.

Contact us and let us take measurements of your idea. It will come from MoA and it will fit into your own style.
Alberto Utrera - Moastd
Alberto Utrera
Direction and Production.
We are going to take measurements of your idea 
to deliver a perfect new suit.
Carlos Velasco - Moastd
Carlos Velasco
Photography and Graphic Design.
By expressing your idea in a really great image,
will allow you to reach more people.
Miguel Ángel García - Moastd
Miguel Ángel García
Director of photography.
Combining colors and shapes is essential to let us
put out what we want to deliver.
Jennifer Jullien - Moastd
Jennifer Jullien
Editing and Montage
With all the footage ready, it,s time sew and join together
every part and see the final result.
Nuño Benito - Moastd
Nuño Benito
Art Direction, Illustration and Animation.
Before undertaking a project it´s important to recognize
the exact approach and form that will have.
Manuel Cámara - Moastd
Manuel Cámara
3D and Motion Graphics
Accessories are important.
Some projects can include effects to boots its impact.
Studio Reel

Contact us at or call us at 914557043.
We are in: C / Seminar Nobles 4. 3rd Left A. Madrid, Spain